Custom Web Development

slideshow_image_4This is what LiveWebMedia does best. Well actually, we do everything best, but this is where LiveWebMedia began: as an independent web design and website development agency. Though we’ve grown and expanded in an explosive outward direction to accommodate all your internet needs from web hosting to creating apps to help your audience get closer to you, we like to keep in mind that we are still a full-service interactive agency that can provide you with an innovative, creative, and tech savvy digital solution to market all your best assets.

Originally building our clientele from small to medium businesses, we have now branched out to also accommodate leading brands, creating comprehensive online marketing campaigns that give our clients the best results. Employing all our technological offerings, from e-commerce and content management to social networking platforms, LiveWebMedia will help you develop a website that is not only streamlined and concise to fit your needs, but also one that allows your company to maintain a high ROI and growth while looking sharp.

In addition to building and designing a website that exemplifies functionality, structure and content, we employ the use of search engine optimization to help your page not only look gorgeous, but turn heads as well. With the use of SEO, we can use site-specific tactics to maximize your site’s visibility across top search engines and web portals to boost your page rankings. Not a bad deal, right?